An Enormously English Monsoon Wedding- Christina Jones

The husband was sent to the library to hunter gather me some books and came back with this one within his haul. Having read a couple of Christina Jones’ books recently I knew that this book would be full of the ‘feel good’ with plenty of funny moments. After having felt quite rough over the last couple of days, this was the kind of book I needed to help distract and give me the ‘feel good’ I needed… but was this the case with this book?

Erin is marrying Jay. They are having their perfect, dream wedding… a ‘fusion wedding’ mixing together traditions from both of their backgrounds- Erin’s an English background and Jay’s Indian. It’s only four weeks to go and Erin is very excited, all of the plans are coming together perfectly, all paid for and organised by themselves with no help from anyone else… but then Deena and Tavish, Jay’s parents, take them out to dinner and announce that they would like to help organise a few things and be involved in the planning… but the plans are already made and are perfect enough, the last thing that Erin and Jay want is anyone interfering with their dream.

But then things go from bad to worse… as Nalisha appears on the scene. Nalisha who appears to be Jay’s best friend from childhood, who has always been his Plus One at weddings, who has been on family holidays away with him, who seems to know him better than anyone yet he has failed to ever mention her to Erin. Why would he have kept her a secret? And why has she suddenly moved into the village and into Jay’s spare room?

As the wedding nears, Erin should be enjoying the run up to the big day but there are plenty of potential dramas set to unfold…

There are lots of different characters in this book but they are all really well formed so you don’t get confused about who is who. What I’ve found about Christina Jones’ books before is that you get lots of larger than life characters who really make her books stand out and bring the villages to life and this is definitely the case with this one. It’s great how she can create such different characters- from Gina the bar maid who was unlucky in love who you couldn’t help but have a soft spot for and get behind her when she began to form a relationship with one of the other characters to Nalisha who was so very two faced you couldn’t help but get frustrated with her and want to warn all the other village members about her!

When I started reading this book I needed a bit of escapism whilst not feeling my best, I intended to just read a couple of pages but ended up a hundred pages in and realising I’d been well and truly drawn in. I’ve found this before with this author’s books, they draw you in and leave you caring about the characters so you want to know what happens.

This book definitely has the feel good factor to it but it’s not ‘just chick lit’ there’s lots more to it- an entire village brought to life and pulling together, characters that learn a lot about themselves, an acceptance of cultures and differences, relationships that are tried and tested…

I found this book really easy to read and very enjoyable too. When I finished it today, I was disappointed- that it had ended. I want to know more about the characters and what could happen next as there are so many big personalities this could well have many more books to spin off from it!

If you’re looking for a light hearted read with plenty of humour and brilliant characters then you will love this. This is my favourite Christina Jones’ book- so far.



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