Rosie Hopkin’s Sweet Shop of Dreams by Jenny Colgan.

Having been bought this book by my Mum, I was looking forward to reading it as it came highly recommended.

I really enjoyed reading it, it is a book full of lots of happy moments and really great characters. It is the kind of book that gives you escapism to a happier place with lots of tender moments. I read this book quickly, it was very welcome escapism.

The story tells of Rosie Hopkin’s who is a nurse working in London. She gets a call which requires her to go to a Derbyshire village to help look after her elderly great Aunt. Rosie isn’t too enthusiastic about having to go but her boyfriend Gerrard is even less so and sulks about her leaving him behind.

Rosie’s Aunt, Lilian, is in her 70’s and has ran the sweet shop in the village since she was young and when Rosie arrives she sees that it has been abandoned and has been closed for a lot longer than Lilian had the family believe. Rosie decides to help get the sweet shop up and running so it will be easier to sell.

Whilst in the village Rosie meets lots of the local residents and soon becomes very well known… the local doctor often requires her nursing expertise, the brooding young Lord who’s cut himself off and stays within his house ends up opening up to her and the little child Eddison with his imaginary friend keeps her company within the sweet shop…

I really enjoyed reading this book because there was lots going on in the village which made it feel like a really wholesome place and what is great about it is that it’s written well so the characters are all very well formed. Usually when there’s lots of different people within a village, you find they’re a bit plain but these aren’t like that at all.

within this book there were some memories of Lillian’s which really enabled me to get to know her, it reminds us that elderly people have a whole host of secrets and a past behind them. It made her a really interesting character and it was quite moving to see how she used her own experiences to help her great niece.

When having a really difficult time at the moment, this book was exactly what i needed. I love how the theme of sweets go through this book right through little recipes to the customers discussing their memories of what various sweets brought back, it was so nice. And even more difficult parts of the book where relationships were up and down, it didn’t feel too heavy to read so was the perfect escapism that I needed.

Really recommend this if you’re looking for a book to whisk you off to a village life with brilliant characters, some amusing moments, lots of tender moments and a chance to sit back and relax.


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