Moonshine by Christina Jones

Having read this book in just a couple of days I think it’s fair to so I really enjoyed it! It’s the kind of book that’s easy to read yet still full of story and bursting with interesting characters which make it stand out against other chick lit type books.

Cleo has recently moved to Lovers Knot which is a small village in which she has taken up residency in a caravan within the local caravan park. She has just landed a job working as a PA for the lady of the manor, Mimi who is full of eccentricities as is the rest of the village… there are certainly lots of characters around, especially within the caravan park.

Then a stranger appears on her doorstep. Dylan Maguire is what her friend refers to as DDG (drop dead gorgeous) and they soon find themselves working together to create mysterious sounding wines following recipes that were left behind in her caravan from a precious owner. But Cleo and Dylan are from very different backgrounds and Cleo is quick to judge him and his choices so she knows that this is a friendship that can’t go any further than that…

I loved reading this book because it’s full of vibrant characters that really create a village atmosphere and bring the book to life. It feels effortless too- not like the author is trying to explain to you what she imagines the village to be like… but that it just simply comes to life with the characters with no need for great long descriptive paragraphs.

I think the narrative between the characters made this book feel ‘real’ with lots of humour and errors of judgment which I’m sure we can all relate to-how often do we judge someone and assume things about them without even knowing much about them? It makes you think, that’s for sure!

There are some serious issues within the book such as homelessness and relationships but they aren’t too heavy, they’re treated with respect and also turned into a positive light which is refreshing.

When reading this it was a welcome escape into the magical, crazy world of Lovers Knot with some brilliantly fun characters. I have read a few of Christina Jones’ books now and I’m looking forward to reading more. I recommend this book if you’re looking for a light read but that isn’t just ‘yet another chick lit’ book. Ideal holiday read.



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