While my Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green

I read this book within a couple of days, I found that i was drawn in right from the beginning and Linda Green kept me turning the pages right up until the end.

During a game of hide and seek in the park with her daughter, Lisa closes her eyes and takes a phone call. When she then opens them again, ready to seek her daughter Ella from her hiding place, she can’t find her. Lisa soon goes from wondering what her husband will say when she took so long to find her daughter from her hiding place to suddenly realising that she isn’t anywhere within the park…

The search soon escalates from other people in the park to the police being involved and a national search.

Lisa’s family, we soon learn, are far from perfect. Lisa’s relationship with her oldest daughter Chloe seems strained although we don’t find out why until towards the end of the book. Her son struggles to understand how his little sister is missing and her husband worries that Lisa is pushing him away. The larger family around them- Ella’s grandparents and uncle struggle to deal with not knowing where she is and we soon get a real sense of family dynamics which is cleverly created.

When reading this book I was drawn in right away, I wanted to know what had happened to Ella but also about the other themes running through the book which I cannot got into much detail about otherwise it’ll spoil the book for others but there was enough going on to make this a really deep book.

There are some difficult moments, some challenging issues raised but they’re treated carefully, it’s never too deep or too heavy to make it uncomfortable to read and I think that’s a very clever skill to have.

I read this within a matter of days and really enjoyed doing so. I recommend it for anyone looking for a book that’s fast-paced but not too dark. Definitely a good one to read on holiday I think!


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