Rosamund Lupton- The Quality of Silence.

I was really eager to read this book after having already read works from this author before and loved them. The Quality of Silence is a tense book so full of atmosphere that you will feel the chill of the ice around the characters and have your heart in your mouth as the tension builds.

The book is about Yasmin and Ruby, mother and daughter, who arrive in Alaska to join Matt- Yasmin’s husband, Ruby’s father but when they turn up at the airport they are told that there has been a fire in his village and he is presumed to be dead. Something within Yasmin refuses to accept this and is determined to go out and find him herself, she knows he is alive and just needs someone else to believe it too.

Yasmin and Ruby then embark on a journey across the ice roads of Alaska but do they really know how dangerous it is out there? There are snow storms, a sinister truck that appears to be following her and strange emails of dead animals being sent to them as their journey unfolds.

Ruby is only 10 years old but is far more grown up than other children. She is deaf and has a very unique take on life, she’s interested in wildlife and animals, wants to know facts, uses Twitter and blogs to reach out to others and has a very close relationship to her father. Throughout the journey Ruby and Yasmin learn about each other and their insecurities.

This book has a steady stream of tension and terror that builds up very slowly with each page turned to the point that I just couldn’t put the book down and felt really on the edge of my seat. I wanted to know exactly who this person was who was following them, why they seemed determined to hinder them from finding Matt and would they ever find him?

The book is told in first person by Ruby and also in third person by Yasmin. This sounds like it would be confusing but it actually worked really well, it was easy to know when it was Ruby’s voice and when it was Yasmin’s and it meant as a reader you really got to know the characters and their relationship, especially that between Yasmin and Matt as she would recall memories of them meeting.

There was lots of indepth knowledge of various subjects within this book that I found really interesting and added to the atmosphere.

When reading I felt the chill of the book both in terms of the tension and sinister nature of some parts of it but also because of the snow and ice, the plummeting temperatures. I think it’s really clever, skilled writing to provoke such a response!

I am a big fan of Rosamund Lupton and this book hasn’t disappointed at all.



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