The Girl You Lost by Kathryn Croft

After a couple of weeks of reading chick lit books I wanted to read something a bit faster-paced that would distract my completely from the ‘real world’ and all it’s problems and this book did just that!

Simone and Matt are only young when they become parents. Simone is still a teenager and Matt is in his early twenties studying to become a doctor but they embrace parenthood, determined to make it work, however, at just 6 months old their daughter Helena is abducted and nobody can find her…

18 years later Simone is approached by a young woman claiming she is Helena and asking for her help but should Simone trust her? Confused about what to do Simone listens to this girl and tries to work out if she is lying to her and what her motives could be but then as soon as she came back into her life, the daughter disappears again.

As Simone and her work friend Abbott try to track down the woman claiming to be Helena they uncover some disturbing facts, they don’t know who to trust and soon find themselves caught up in a web of horrific events.


What I really liked about this book was that as soon as I started reading it I was pulled right in. There was no lengthy scene setting and explanation about who everyone was and how they all felt, instead it was quick action right from the very start so I instantly wanted to keep reading. Throughout the book it was the same, lots of action, lots of clues and intrigue about who everyone was and what part they had to play in the story and this worked really well. It meant that I was constantly on edge wanting to know what happened next and whether what was said was true or some trap to have Simone fall in.

As the story progressed you did get to know more details about the characters, how they were all linked and their feelings and relationships and I think that it was better to be introduced throughout it like this as it still kept up the fast pace.

Sometimes when reading books with a mystery to them and a crime to solve it can be easy to preempt what will happen or you find yourself trying to guess the ending instead of actually reading the book properly but that wasn’t the case here. With this book when I was reading it I switched off from trying to figure it out myself and instead was there, imagining the scenes unfolding and willing Simone not to fall for any of the things various people were telling her. when I eventually did put the book down for the day I would think about what happened, there were so many questions I wanted answers to but I couldn’t figure out how it would end and I didn’t guess the ending either which is brilliant. I do sometimes feel cheated if I have guessed the ending of a book… as though I’m just reading it just to get to the point whereas with this I was reading it because I really wanted to know what happened.

There are lots of twists and turns in  this book and it has left me thinking about things… how it would feel to be separated from your child for so long to then have someone claim to be them, how I’d cope with that, how I could ever move on without knowing the truth.

When I downloaded this book I really needed something to take me away from reality for a while and this book completely did that. I am now very much looking forward to reading more of Kathryn Croft’s books as I was very impressed with this one. If you’re looking for a fast-paced book that will have you wanting to keep on turning those pages then this is definitely recommended!


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