Fix You, Carrie Elks.

This is a book that draws you in as you get to know the main characters within it so you want to keep on reading to find out what happens to them.

At the beginning of the book we meet Hanna as she goes into Richard’s office and tells him a big secret that will change his life. This immediately makes you want to keep reading as you ask why she has told him this, what happened between them to make this be a secret and what will happen now he knows? But we don’t find out right away of course and that’s what really gets you drawn in.

We then go back to 1999 when Hanna first meets Richard when she is just 17. Then throughout the book it goes forward in time to the main events in their lives over the course of about 15 years. This is a hard task for an author, filling in so many years into just a few hundred pages but it works really well here. Sometimes scenes moved quite fast but that didn’t matter, it meant there wasn’t lots of waffle which sometimes takes away from the main story.

Whilst reading this I really got to know the characters and loved to see how they changed. The first few years they were really well described like teenagers first falling in love and being excited about what lay ahead with university and careers. As the years progressed and events unfolded it was interesting to see how they developed due to maturing and events having an affect upon them.

There were events within this book that made me think back- documenting 9/11, foot and mouth etc which took me back to this  time and grounded the story in that setting.

Because this book is written over a large time it meant the lives of the characters grew on you and the way their families interacted was interesting too. I found the relationship between Hanna and Richard’s mother was really touching and beautifully written and it was interesting to see how solid it was throughout despite all of the twists and turns that happened.

I did find that there were moments when I struggled to put this down, I wanted to know what happened and how people would react to certain news/events, it really did draw me in!

I enjoyed reading Fix You because it was mainly light hearted and those moving moments were written really well. It makes you think about families and their dynamics, how misunderstandings and ruthlessness can affect the futures of everyone and how it’s those who stand by and support their family/friends that reap the rewards- always a good moral.

If you like a story which enables you to get to know the main characters then this is a good book for you. It’s not a complex read so it’s perfect to read when you’re looking for something light hearted without a very complex plot so that you can sit back and enjoy losing yourself in the world of two lovers.




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