The Island Escape by Kerry Fisher

I downloaded this book after being recommended it and I really enjoyed reading it. It really was a book that offered ‘escape’ as I lost myself in the worlds of Roberta and Octavia.



The story is about two friends who have been there for each other through the ups and downs throughout their lives.

Roberta’s marriage to Scott has come to an end much to Octavia’s relief after years of him making her doubt herself and strip away her self esteem. As Roberta’s life begins to adjust Octavia finds herself more frustrated with her own marriage; Johnathon is forever pointing out various things she hasn’t done around the house and when he becomes redundant his presence at home increases Octavia’s frustrations even more.

The problem is that Octavia has never got over her first love Xaviar who she met in Corsica when she was younger and child-free. Whilst helping Roberta look online for potential dates, Octavia begins to wonder what happened to Xavier and this little wonder becomes an all consuming obsession…

When I was reading this book I was lost in their worlds and really interested to see the dynamics between the various characters. I think it’s very true that when a friend goes through a divorce it can have an impact upon you… seeing that friend suddenly have new social circles and get back into dating again but what I really liked is that despite it all, Octavia and Roberta still stood by each other.

There were various parts to the story that rang true a bit, about how Octavia and Jonathan were so busy living their lives that they didn’t really have time to talk and Octavia wondered if there was anything to talk about other than their children. I think it’s so true that sometimes we’re so busy in our lives that we forget to make time for our partners.

There were lots of amusing parts to the book too, the awkward date that Roberta endured with a vet who had her mixed up with someone else, the teenage son walking in on Roberta during her date with Jake or when we first got to meet Roberta when she was sitting in a police cell worrying about the kind of bra she had chosen to wear.

I really enjoyed reading this book. There were quite a lot of life changing moments within it and I loved the insight into how these changes rocked the boat of friendship. The characters were really well developed which made me keep turning the pages as I wanted to know what happened to them.

I recommend this book for escapism. It would make a perfect holiday read although it is definitely more than ‘just a holiday read’ as it has a lot of depth to it too. I will definitely be reading more from Kerry Fisher in the future.


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