I Don’t Want to Talk About it by Jane Lovering

I began this book three days ago and had to review it right away as soon as I finished it. This book tackles a very difficult subject area and does so in a way that isn’t too difficult to read as you may expect as there’s plenty of light hearted humour thrown in which lifts the book beautifully whilst still being sensitive towards the subject matter.

=== The story ===
Winter has written a book based around people who have died and what the stories behind their gravestones are and it’s been a huge hit. She has rented a little tiny house in a remote Yorkshire village to begin work on her second novel it all seems quite normal until it seems that she has moved up to Yorkshire to escape from things back home in London, namely Dan, her editor but also her ex boyfriend.

Whilst studying a gravestone in the local cemetery a little girl appears and begins talking to Winter. It is as though she has no boundaries and can’t stop talking and Winter finds herself talking to this overly friendly little girl (Scarlet) and her hobby horse (Lightbulb). The attachment that Scarlet has to this toy amuses Winter and she is introduced to Scarlet’s uncle Alex who is her guardian.

As Winter gets to know Scarlet and Alex and attempting to write her second book, she turns to her twin sister Daisy at all times. Being a twin means that Winter can rely on Daisy no matter what even if she is in Australia but as Winter and Daisy talk it’s obvious that something happened between Winter and Dan which made the relationship she has with Daisy strained…

And then Dan turns up in the village, supposedly to check up on how her book is going but it seems like he still has an opinion on Daisy too and Winter just doesn’t want to hear it.

=== Opinion ===
When reading this book I really enjoyed it. I found it easy enough to read with no complicated stories to follow so it was perfect for relaxing and losing myself after a busy day. It was all told from Winter’s perspective but we got to hear the thoughts of Alex and Dan too as they shared their emails or blog posts which I thought was a really novel way of doing so. When reading Dan’s posts it made me wonder what had happened between him and Winter and what his problem with Daisy was and I did begin to wonder if Winter was telling the truth when she told Alex about what had happened between them.

The main theme in this book is one of dealing with losing a loved one and this is such a difficult subject area to write about and also read about but it didn’t feel like a terribly sad book but more of a positive one about moving on and learning to deal with how losing someone will change you and how you have to face it. There is plenty of humour especially surrounding the very amusing Lightbulb the hobby horse and the tiny house in which Winter is staying. This really helped to keep the story from being too much about grief and it worked really well.

When I finished reading this book it left me feeling happy, that things had worked out one way or another even if they weren’t perfect and I suppose that that reflects life in general.

I really enjoyed reading this, 5 stars from me and I’ll definitely be reading more from Jane Lovering in the future.


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