Welcome to Calico Gifts

Hello! this is our first blog post!

At Calico Gifts we make bespoke wooden items and hope that they are cherished forever.

We absolutely love making them and consider ourselves very lucky to be able to create the items that we do.

Calico Gifts was first set up in 2011 as a ‘hobby’. During this time I mainly just made a few strings of bunting for friends and would take part in a couple of local craft fairs.

I used to work in a different setting completely but after suffering from serious physical health problems I had to give up my career. I decided to expand my Calico Gifts hobby and make it into a proper business that would help keep me occupied seeing as I was no longer well enough to work.

Over the course of the last four years I have been completely overwhelmed by how much business has grown and become a real thriving company now which enables me to provide for my family once more.

I love making the products that I do and designing new ideas all the time.

My favourite areas to work on are weddings and new babies. I always like to think that these items hold a lot of sentimental value and will be treasured. I imagine the recipients as I’m creating them and I hope that they really love the finished 2product.daddyheart5

If you have ordered from us or even just interacted then I am very grateful. Every single sale means a lot to me so thank you.

You can find us on http://www.calicogifts.co.uk

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/calico.cards


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